Change Content Owner

You can change the owner of data (Partner B can request to change the owner).

・You have registered new data on X University’s publication. Your institution is the current owner, but you would like X University to become the owner.
・Y University is the current owner of the data of your institution’s publication, and you would like to become the owner.

〈Partner A〉
Changing Method 1: Change per item
  1. After the login, display the data of which you would like to change the owner and click "Edit".
  2. Click "Posted Information" towards the bottom of the screen, enter the account name in "Owner’s Name" and save save (check the account name in "List of Partners").
    Figure 1: Tab for changing the owner
    Figure 2: "Change Owner" screen
Changing Method 2: Block change of multiple data
  1. After the login, click "Contents" in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Tick the checkbox of the data of which you would like to change the owner, select "Change Author" from a pull-down menu "Select Action" and proceed.
  3. パートナーAオーナー一括変更画面
    Figure 3: "Owner Block Change" screen

  4. After the click, a new screen opens up. Enter the new account name to be changed.
〈Partner B〉
  1. Search the data you wish to change, click the link on the title and open the detailed information page.
  2. "Request Form for Modification/Deletion" is located under the data (i.e. the section outlined by the red border).
  3. パートナーBオーナー変更依頼
    Figure 4: Request screen

  4. Fill in/select the items on the form (all sections must be filled/selected)
  5.  ・Name
     ・Request Type: Select "Change Owner (Partners only)"
     ・Comments: Please refer to "How to Enter Comments"

  6. Enter the code displayed in "CAPTCHA" box, and click "Save".
How to Enter Comments
  • If the institution you would like to designate as the new owner is listed in "List of Partners"), please enter its account name.
  • If the institution is not listed in "List of Partners" or if there is no particular institution to be designated, you can leave this out.
  • If there are particular reasons (grounds) or reference websites, please specify.
     e.g. Change the owner from "gakugei" to "kyoto"
     Reason: It is a publication of Kyoto University.
  • It is not necessary to enter your name or contacts in the comments section.
  • Partner A will not contact the person who posted the comments in response to the request.