Permit Content

After the login, you can check the data that has received a request for registration by clicking "Contents" in the upper left corner of the screen.
Figure 1: Contents menu in the upper left corner of the screen

Please select "Inactive" from "Status", and click "Apply".
Figure 2: Search method for registration request

The data that are waiting to be approved are the ones that are displayed "Guest User (Unapproved User)" in the owner section.
If there are titles that your institution publishes (i.e. whose "Name of Provider/Package" is your institution), please approve them.

  • Display the data that has received the registration request, and click "Edit" button.
    Figure 3: Edit a registration request

  • Edit the data depending on their contents, and change its status to "Active".
    Figure 4: Changing the status
  • Enter the account name of your institution in [Revision Information>>Posted Information] towards the bottom of the screen and save.
    Figure 5: Tab for changing the owner
    Figure 6: "Change Owner" screen
  • Please do not change the following items.
    ・Comment Settings: Open
    ・Publication Options: Publish
    ・Revision Information
    ・Log Message