Edit / Delete Contents

Partner A can modify/delete all the data in ERDB-JP.
Partner B can modify/delete the data that the own institution has registered (i.e. My Contents).
Please refer to "Request Modification/Deletion" if you are a Partner B and wish to modify/delete the data that are not in your "My Contents", or if you are a guest user and wish to modify/delete any data.

  • Display the data that you wish to modify, click "Edit" button and edit the items.
    When finished, click "Approve" and save.
  • パートナーAコメント承認
    Figure 1: Approving comments

  • We do not operate delete/edit/reply functions in response to the received comments.
    However, if you wish to leave a record of modified contents, you can do so by clicking "Reply" after clicking "Approve".
    Please note that this is not for replying to the received comments.
  • Please do not change the following items.
    Comment Settings: Open
    Publication Options: Publish
    Revision Information
    Log Message
  • 〈Delete〉

    Display the data that you wish to delete, and click "Edit" button.
    By clicking "Delete" button located towards the bottom of the screen, you can delete the data as well as the posted comments.
    Before deleting data, please make it sure to double check.

    〈Request Modification/Deletion〉
    1. Search the data you wish to change, click the link on the title and open the detailed information page.
    2. "Request Form for Modification/Deletion" is located under the data (i.e. the section outlined by the red border).
    3. パートナーB/ゲストユーザー削除依頼
      Figure 2: Request screen

    4. Fill in/select the items on the form (all sections must be filled/selected)
    5.  ・Name
       ・Request Type: Select either "Modify" or "Delete"
       ・Comments: Please refer to "How to Enter Comments"

    6. Enter the code displayed in "CAPTCHA" box, and click "Save".
    How to Enter Comments
    1. To request modification
      Please clearly indicate "which item(s)" and "how it/they should be modified".
      Please also enter the reasons (grounds) for modification, reference websites, etc.

      • Modify the title URL from http://www.seto.kais.kyoto-u.ac.jp/publication/publication_0.htm to http://hdl.handle.net/2433/72814.
        Reason: It used to be published on the research institution’s website; however, it is now published on the institutional repository.
      • Date of Last Issue Available Online: Add 2007
        Reason: A notice on the website (http://www.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/) tells that the publication has stopped in 2007.
      • Modify "Date of Last Issue Available Online" from 2013 to blank
        Reason: It continues to be published.
      • Modify "Date of First Issue Available Online" from 2010 to 1967
        Reason: The entire journal has been digitised from the first volume.
    2. To request deletion
      Please enter the reasons (grounds) for deletion, reference websites, etc.
      If you wish to request to delete data due to duplication, please indicate the URL of the duplicated data (https://erdb-jp.nii.ac.jp/ja/title/.....).

    • Partner A or B will modify/delete the data according to the request.
      You can not specify the date of modification/deletion.
      If the request is inadequate, the modification/deletion will not be processed.
    • It is not necessary to enter your name or contacts in the comments section.
    • Neither Partner A nor B will contact the person who posted the comments in response to the request.