Partner Registration

  1. Partner registration can be applied via "Create an Account" link located towards the bottom of the login window.
  2. After the click, please enter the required information in the window and press "Create an Account" button at the bottom of the screen.
    Figure 1. Partner Registration Application Screen
    〈Registration Information〉
    • Partner Type
      Please select either Partner A or B. For differences in types, please refer to here.
      You can change a partner type (A/B) after the registration.
    • Account
      e.g. Kyoto University → kyoto
    • Email Address
      We recommend you to register an email address issued by your institution.
    • Institutional Name (Japanese)
      e.g. 大阪大学
    • Institutional Name (English)
      e.g. Osaka University
    • Contact Department or Contact Person
    • Telephone Number
  3. You will receive a message entitled "Your application for Partner Registration for ERDB-JP has been received" in the registered email address. Please wait for a while until your application is approved.
  4. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a message entitled "Notification of your account being issued". Please access the URL contained in the message.
  5. After reading the information on the accessed screen, please press "Login" button. The password setting screen will open.
  6. Please set a password and press "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

Now the partner registration procedure is complete.
The institutional name and the account name of the registered partner will be listed in "List of Partners" page.
If your institution’s publications exist in ERDB-JP already, the owner of the contents will be transferred to your institution’s account.
Once the owner is transferred, the contents can be displayed in your "My Contents" list.

* Changing a Partner Type
The partner type displayed in the editing page of "Account Information" was set for the initial registration, and the actual authorisation over an account is held by ERDB-JP Office. If you wish to change a partner type, please contact us by selecting "Category: Change Partner Type" in the contact page.